Located in the quaint fishing village of Lund, BC, Canada, this public harbour offers moorage all year.  Facilities include washrooms, showers and pump-out.

NOTE : COVID-19 – Our washroom and shower facilities are strictly reserved for paying Harbour customers. The shower is currently available during office hours only. 

The fun and helpful staff can be reached on VHF  Channel 73 to provide your slip assignment and assistance in.

Nearby is a fuel dock, marine supplies & repairs, boat haul out, grocery store, liquor store, laundromat, pub, hotel, bakery, restaurant, art gallery, campground with cabins and the water taxi to Savary Island. Please note that the Lund Water Taxi, gas dock and general store have no washrooms for their customers.

Lund, located on the Sunshine Coast north of Vancouver, is the Gateway to Desolation Sound and the Discovery Islands. For more information about Lund, please visit http://www.lundbc.ca.

We may be reached:
by phone: 604 483 4711
by e-mail: lundharbour-wharfinger@twincomm.ca
by mail: P.O. Box 78, Lund, BC V0N 2G0

Paege Maltais is the Harbour Manager.

Sorry,  reservations are not accepted.

COVID-19 In addition to moorage on the inside of our breakwaters, we are now able to offer limited moorage to Canadian residents on restricted areas of our docks. No rafting to home port vessels. Vessels travelling together, please raft. Also, please remember you are visiting a remote community with an elderly population and plan accordingly. Please respect social distancing, be kind and stay safe. Thank you!

Lovely Lund

The highlighted area is all “No Anchor Zone”.
Our “Dead Slow” area is between the 2 land points (Sevilla Island and One Tree Island), well beyond our breakwaters as these breakwaters are floating and any wake will travel underneath. You are responsible for your wake.